Collectie: Herr & Frau Rio

Herr & Frau Rio, Munich Germany, comprising the talented duo Sascha Wellm and Laura Sirch, is more than just a brand – it represents a unique friendship and a creative partnership. Their work is bright, captivating and positive. The hardest part? To choose...

Herr & Frau Rio

The Herr & Frau Rio story began during their Communication Design studies at the University of Munich, where it became apparent that their collaborative potential was extraordinary.

Throughout their journey, this dynamic pair has undertaken a diverse range of projects, with Herr & Frau Rio standing as a testament to their creative expertise.

In their studio, they don't merely print and design; they conceive, refine, and unleash the full potential of every project they take on. Their passion for their craft goes beyond being a creative team; they are trusted advisors for all matters pertaining to printing and graphic design.

The Herr & Frau Rio collection invites individuals to experience the distinctive blend of creativity and commitment that distinguishes this brand. Visitors are welcomed to join them on this captivating voyage and become part of their creative universe. Their studio doors are open to all, providing an opportunity to share their enthusiasm, particularly when it comes to their beloved Risograph. A warm reception awaits all who choose to explore their world.