Collectie: Ivy & Loulou

At the independent Dutch brand Ivy & Loulou, they firmly believe that play makeup should be nothing short of safe and fun. With their range, you can rest easy knowing that your little one is playing with makeup that's 100% natural, vegan, and absolutely free from any harmful chemicals, microplastics, or allergens.

Ivy & Loulou

Ivy & Loulou makeup is lovingly crafted by a skilled formulator right here in the Netherlands, made by hand to ensure top-notch quality. They've even tested different formulas on real people with various skin tones, and the results are nothing short of fabulous. But the real judges? Their own two daughters who adore the products!

Beyond safety, Ivy & Loulou also cares deeply about the environment. They've gone eco-friendly, using plastic-free packaging and limiting their shipping to Europe to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ivy & Loulou is the brainchild of Folker and Rachelle, passionate parents who embarked on this journey back in 2015. Motivated by their own family's health and their love for the planet, they made a lifestyle change and ventured into creating safe, easy-to-use play makeup. The result? Natural, vegan, and safe makeup that's not just kid-approved but parent-approved too.

Now, it's time for your child to enjoy makeup that's as natural as a breath of fresh air, easy to use, and bursting with vibrant colors. Ivy & Loulou, where makeup is all about play and safety!