Collectie: Wooden Amsterdam

Meet Wooden Amsterdam, the innovative brand that brings the beauty of nature and the heart of Amsterdam into your home. Established in 2016, Wooden Amsterdam was born out of a deep love for the traditional craft of woodworking and our cherished city, Amsterdam. Their collection is a blend of functional kitchenware and stunning laser-cut decorative pieces for your home or office.

Wooden Amsterdam

Wooden Amsterdam designs are artfully adorned with the symbols of Amsterdam and crafted with an extraordinary attention to detail.

At the heart of Wooden Amsterdam is a commitment to sustainability. They use only the finest sustainably sourced wood, ensuring that every product is of the highest quality.

Explore Wooden Amsterdam's range of products, and you'll discover a world where artistry, craftsmanship, and nature unite to create something truly extraordinary. With each piece, you invite a touch of Amsterdam's magic into your space. It's a celebration of the city's spirit and the warmth of wooden craftsmanship, all in one. So, go ahead, bring a slice of Amsterdam's charm home with Wooden Amsterdam!