Collectie: Pole to Pole

Pole to Pole, where the world is your canvas and your home is your masterpiece. Pole to Pole products are designed with the love for recyclable local materials and handcraft skills and to combine this with beautiful raw materials such as shells and the high end materials used for our chairs.

Pole to Pole

Born in 1996 in Rotterdam, the heart of one of the world's largest harbors, Pole to Pole's journey is as vast as the oceans it sails. This family-run wholesale business has a unique edge – they're passionate travelers, and every step of the supply chain is personally managed. That means everything is handpicked with care, ensuring fairness at every turn.

Pole to Pole's true essence lies in their appreciation for the diverse skills and craftsmanship found across the globe. This is artfully combined with their wide range of chairs, resulting in unique and trendy furniture from every corner of the world. Their mission? To create a home that's a daily retreat, brimming with one-of-a-kind pieces that redefine your living space.

With an unwavering passion for blending contemporary style and ever-evolving designs with the rich traditions of local artisans worldwide, Pole to Pole's creations are a harmonious fusion of recyclable local materials, intricate handicraft skills, and premium materials like shells and high-end chair components. This is more than furniture; it's art for your home.